Opt For Sustainability Over a Big Budget

SEO and SEM are often confused, and although usually considered synonymous, most experts have slightly differing opinions on what the two terms actually mean. For the purpose of this article, SEO shall mean natural search engine optimisation often referred to as organic SEO, and SEM shall refer to Pay-Per-Click advertising, paid banner advertising and paid linking. Read more

Choosing an affordable SEO service can be a headache, and with so many companies advertising their services on the web the choices are extensive and confusing. There is no truer saying than ‘you get what you pay for’, which means if you go ‘cheap’ services tend to lack quality. So how do you go about choosing affordable SEO? Read more

Some of the claims made by search engine optimisation companies are ludicrous. Claims of guaranteed rankings, top 3 Google and Yahoo spots and 25% revenue increases have become common place. Yet the truth is no one can promise you these results, it just doesn’t make logical sense. Not every website targeting a particular sector can be ranked top 3 in an organic search. In most industry sectors it isn’t possible for every website to have even one of its pages ranked top 3 for specific searches. The competition vs. keyword (quality) ratio is too great in most business sectors for the pie to be shared equally. Read more

Search for an SEO company in Google or any other search engine and the pages will throw up an array of firms all offering so called expert services. The word expert is used all too frivolously in industry and none more so than in the SEO industry. The word expert refers to someone with an extremely high degree of skill, and considering SEO as we know it today hasn’t been around very long, to brand yourself an expert should be done so with extreme caution. Read more



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