In the present day the majority of marketing is done online. Rather than simply hiring a conventional marketing agency, an organisation will have to hire an internet marketing agency. Many high street marketing firms have branched out into internet marketing by opening up a subsidiary company or by employing an internet marketing specialist, but the two areas should never be confused, internet marketing is entirely different to standard conventional marketing.


An intenet marketing campaign will consist of two disciplines, search engine optimisation and search engine marketing. SEO refers mainly to gaining higher rankings through organic (free activities) marketing techniques, whilst SEM tends to refer to paid marketing activities such as pay-per-click campaigns. Although, broadly speaking, internet marketing is concentrated around search engine marketing because approximately 80% of traffic will come to a website via the search engines.

Knowledge of Web Design and IT Disciplines is Preferable

You would be forgiven for thinking that the best internet marketing agency to hire is one with conventional marketing experience; advertising and branding etc, but this is not the case. The most accomplished SEO firms are usually run by people who have previously worked in a number of web related disciplines, such as web design, computer programming, online database management and other IT related fields. Those with a compilation of these related skills have the mind conditioning to understand search engine algorithms, traffic trends and in general the way in which the web arena functions and interfaces with the world. Of course, when it comes to copywriting for web content, articles, press releases and adverts, typical marketing and consumer psychology skills are required, yet most SEO experts employ an external specialist to approach these tasks.

Choose Wisely

Internet marketing is not marketing per se, so before you embark on your internet marketing campaign think carefully about your choice of internet marketing agency. It doesn’t hurt to ask to see a resume and discuss previous experience. There is a large number of internet marketing companies out there but not all of them are equipped to fully understand how the deeper realms of the World Wide Web operate.




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