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Young Men More Receptive To Mobile Advertising

A new study by eMarketer shows that young men remember ads more than young women, and are therefore likely to be more receptive. Moreover, overall, men like the ads more than their female counterparts. The eMarketer study shows that 69% of men aged 18-29 remember seeing an ad on their mobile phone, whereas only 42% […]

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10 Questions You Need To Ask Before Hiring a Search Engine Marketing Consultant

I often get calls from companies who are a little peeved at having wasted a large chunk of their marketing budget hiring an SEO consultant who simply didn’t deliver. Of course, as a search engine marketing firm this is great for me, but as a responsible business owner I feel it is my duty to […]

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6 Top Tips For Choosing a Great Search Engine Marketing Agency

An SEM campaign isn’t something any Tom, Dick or Harry can undertake – like any marketing endeavour it takes experience and some natural flair for creativity. There are many angles to SEM these days you need to hire an SEM company with a comprehensive understanding of all disciplines, not just how to bid on keywords […]

Facebook Passes Google In Terms of Time Spent Online

When choosing an online marketing service there are a number of user behaviours you need to consider. Traffic and user volume are clearly the key two considerations, but one sorely overlooked aspect of advertising is the amount of time a user spends on a particular platform. It is natural to gravitate towards advertising on the […]

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Want Free SEO Outsource Work? Then Inspire Your Online Family to Return to the Roost……They Might Just Bring Some New Friends Home Too

Search engine optimisation and SEO in general is a multi faceted beast, there are so many ways to drive traffic and improve rankings, yet we often over complicate things by searching for some technical hidden bit of genius that no one else has discovered yet. So, how about this instead; if your website is suffering a lull and the buzz seems to have died down, consider looking a little closer to home and make a change that creates an emotional response.



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