There are a million and one gurus on the Internet all with their own take on what will make you successful, and when it comes to business we all want to make sure we are following the right advice. What tends to happen is, over the years we accumulate subscriptions to numerous newsletters and e-lists, either through sites we signed up to or products we bought, we then get lost in a maze of spam and fail to be able to recognise the fluff from the gold dust. If you are getting spammed with junk, confused by all the conflicting e-advice and don’t have a clue what system to believe, follow these 5 rules to avoid the bu**S**t.

Rule 1: Organise and Expel The Riff-Raff

Redirect all your newsletters and e-blasts to an entirely new email account and categorise them into folders by guru. Over the course of a month sift through the folders and start sorting the spam and hard sell stuff from the gurus that provide good value and proven results. Now, redirect your top 3/5 back to your main email account so you only hear from gurus you respect.

Rule 2: Don’t Fall For Screen Shots and Miracles

If someone keeps showing you screenshots of income and promising a get rich with no investment scheme then chances are they are a fraud. If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. Don’t buy on impulse, let the guru earn your trust over time. If he/she is the real deal they won’t need to sell too hard and will give you loads of great advice for free – not just a promise of ‘buy now and make a million’.

Rule 3: Beware of Gurus Playing The Numbers Game

Beware of short emails that go out to a million or more people with minimal effort in the hope that some idiot buys in. This is the kind of thing I mean:

Subject: It’s so easy!


This program is unbelievable; I’ve never seen anything like it before. I’m now driving lots of traffic to my website and it’s making me a fortune.


You will thank me for this.

Guru Name

It takes 5 minutes to write, 1 second to send and not even a 1% buy in to make a huge profit. Real gurus don’t send emails like that.

Rule 4: Test One System at a Time

Don’t get roped into to buying 5 different systems all with variations of the same promise. If you like the sound of a system then buy it, but give it a thorough test run before trying another. Multiple buy-ins will make you a multiple idiot if A, you don’t have time to fully test run each system, and B, none of them produce any results.

Rule 5: Do Your Research

It isn’t rocket science, if you like the look of a product then research forums for other people who have tried it out. Whatever you do don’t take notice of testimonials put out by gurus. Remember: anyone can write a testimonial, the only thing that makes a product valid is popularity and proven results.

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