If you an online retailer who in recent years hasn’t done much business over the Christmas period, or perhaps you run a non-product related site, you may be looking forward to putting your feet up over Crimbo and taking some much needed time away from emails, CMS updating and analytics. Whilst I don’t begrudge you a break, my advice is not to be too neglectful for too long. One SEO obvious trend we have seen from Google this year is one of requiring regular content – or at the minimum regular subtle change – to ensure stable SERP positioning. Therefore, resting your website over the Christmas period may result in ranking slips.

Another reason for making this an SEO Christmas is, that while your competitors stuff themselves full of turkey and mulled wine, you can gain some valuable ground in terms of both popularity and ranking. Or, if you are already out in front seize the opportunity to take a few more steps beyond their league.

Google spiders don’t take time off for Christmas, they continue working all the way through the festive period. So at the very minimum make sure you keep the company website updated for regular visitors with fresh content such as blog posts and news worthy articles or announcements.

Another thing to consider is that people have more time on their hands at Christmas, and many will be getting a shiny new PC or Mac, waiting anxiously to do some browsing in the arm chair after a few glasses of sherry. You need to make an effort to engage these newly keen surfers. Make this Christmas an SEO Christmas, sorry no rest in cyberspace!




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