You’ve probably heard about it and the likelihood is you are using it, but are you using Twitter correctly? Twitter is the ultimate organic SEO tool yet too many people are spending their days using a poorly optimised profile and sending out useless tweets.

What you should be doing is carving out your niche on Twitter, set out your stool and strategy and do not deviate from the plan. Here are 10 essential Twitter questions you should be asking yourself today:

  1. Is your username niche and original, will it get you noticed?
  2. What exactly are you using Twitter for?
  3. Who are your target audience?
  4. Does your profile represent you properly?
  5. Are you carefully monitoring your followers and those you are following?
  6. Are you following more people than are following you?
  7. Is your website URL featured in your profile?
  8. Have you set up direct messaging so you can send out information and a link to those choosing to follow you?
  9. Have you added a Twitter widget to your website so people can follow you by clicking the icon?
  10. Are you tweeting strategically or do people just view you as a spammer?

Target Your Tweets for Increased Organic Search Optimisation

Did you know that tweets are very quickly indexed by Google? Therefore if you target your tweets with specific keywords you are increasing your organic search optimisation. For example, if you tweet “sleep better tonight – interesting article”, and someone searches in Google for “how can I sleep better tonight”, there is a possibility your tweet and link will be listed as a search option. Start tweeting smart not tweeting for the sake of tweeting.

Organic SEO Within Twitter

There is also a very useful Twitter search function and many bloggers are reporting more hits directly from Twitter than from Google. This is another reason to make sure your tweets are targeting keywords – make yourself as visible as possible within the Twitter search results.

It is all too easy to waste the opportunities presented by Twitter. Like any other aspect of organic SEO a strategy needs to be deployed. Stop tweeting now and consider the questions above.



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