The developers over at the Tweet Camp have responded to the historical difficulty of securing a good network of industry suited or personality matched followers. Many people end up quitting Twitter after just a few weeks or even days because they can’t find enough interesting people or Tweets to hold their attention. Initially one follows people back out of courtesy, only to be followed by more and more affiliate marketers and Online marketing services with nothing inspirational to say except “get rich, leave your day job and retire 2m”. If only…

Twitter is all about networking but many find themselves retreating back to Facebook, tail between legs for some familiar friendship bonding that does more for the soul than sell or quote Einstein, Gandhi or Socrates all day.

Enter the Twitter suggestion tool. This neat little function will soon be appearing on your “find people” toolbar and will suggest users you may be interested in. Amongst other things, suggestions will be made on who you currently follow and who follows them, quick! I hear you gasp as you rush to clear out all those annoying persistent marketers plaguing your tweetdeck every day. But it works both ways. The new suggestion tool will come as a pleasant addition for Online marketing services who will be able to carry out more targeted marketing with suggestions rather than having to trawl the Twitter database for victims. The image below shows how the tool will; there will also be a mini suggestion version in the top right hand side of your home page.


By the end of this month the Google social search mechanism will be completely rolled out. For those of you that don’t know what this is, let me give you the heads up. It has actually been in test phase for quite some time – the last quarter of 2009 I believe.  Now, by social search I don’t mean real time results  from random people on Twitter, I mean social search as in connecting you to content created by people in your social circle.

What is Your Social Circle?

Your social circle is people you are connected to through Googlemail, Twitter, people you follow in Google reader, Flickr and other social mediums. Google will now display blog posts, profiles, images and other content from members of your social circle when you conduct a search. Be aware though that you may be shown friends of your Twitter friends or slightly random people you wouldn’t expect to pop up – but this is intentional and will also be related to you in some way. The idea is to broaden your social circle and discover other people with stuff to share that you will genuinely be interested in.

To give you an example of how it works; if you were my friend and connected via twitter, gmail, etc. and you typed in ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, you might see the following:

Google Social Results

Why Are Google Introducing Social Search?

Well, believe or not we like to follow each other, I don’t mean on Facebook I mean in reading, buying and browsing trends. For example, if I was buying a new mp3 player I would more than likely want to know what the people in my social circle thought about mp3 players and what brand of player people had been purchasing. One of my social circle may have written a “best mp3 players” blog post, and another may have recently purchased and reviewed an mp3 player on Amazon. This would surely help me to buy with more confidence, and with affiliate marketing and fake reviews making it all but impossible to source honest information, this is great news in terms of reliability.  In a roundabout way Google social search is putting control back in the hands of the browser, allowing us to trust content again and operate within search boundaries. Or is it? I mean you can hardly trust friends of friends on Twitter or someone you liked on Flikr. I guess what this really means is, we now need to be extra careful who we ‘socially’ connect with.


You’ve probably heard about it and the likelihood is you are using it, but are you using Twitter correctly? Twitter is the ultimate organic SEO tool yet too many people are spending their days using a poorly optimised profile and sending out useless tweets.

What you should be doing is carving out your niche on Twitter, set out your stool and strategy and do not deviate from the plan. Here are 10 essential Twitter questions you should be asking yourself today:

  1. Is your username niche and original, will it get you noticed?
  2. What exactly are you using Twitter for? Read more




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