Pay Per Click AdvertisingWaiting on organic seo services to produce results can be tedious. Some results materialise quickly whilst others will have you disappointedly checking your rankings on a daily basis. It all depends on your choice of keywords really. For example I put up a website a couple of months ago and already I rank 5th in Google for my main keyword. Thing is, the market I am operating in is niche, so it wasn’t too difficult to rank, but it is difficult to convert the relatively small amount of traffic into sales – six of one half a dozen of the other. Read more

In the present day the majority of marketing is done online. Rather than simply hiring a conventional marketing agency, an organisation will have to hire an internet marketing agency. Many high street marketing firms have branched out into internet marketing by opening up a subsidiary company or by employing an internet marketing specialist, but the two areas should never be confused, internet marketing is entirely different to standard conventional marketing. Read more

Opt For Sustainability Over a Big Budget

SEO and SEM are often confused, and although usually considered synonymous, most experts have slightly differing opinions on what the two terms actually mean. For the purpose of this article, SEO shall mean natural search engine optimisation often referred to as organic SEO, and SEM shall refer to Pay-Per-Click advertising, paid banner advertising and paid linking. Read more



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