In your quest for a top ranking site you are probably wondering how you can achieve those sitelinks under your website listing in Google, well before you start bugging your web optimization firm I will give you a brief overview of these infamous Google presents. These sitelinks are an effective web marketing tool, if you can get them to appear that is.

Sitelink Example:

Harrods – Luxury beauty and fragrance, fashion accessories, gifts
Shop the world’s most famous luxury department store online. At you will discover luxury gifts for every occasion; exclusive beauty products, – Cached – Similar

Contact Us
Store Guide at Harrods London
Food Halls
News & Events

Now, many people presume Google only award these treats to big name brands/websites that Read more

Google CaffeineGoogle Caffeine has got every organic search engine optimisation company busy explaining to clients how their website will be affected by the new changes to Google’s search algorithm. Last week we looked at Google Caffeine from the perspective of a search engine consultant, so in this post we cover a few essential things you should know as a website owner.

Google Caffeine – Up To 50% Fresher Results

Google Caffeine is not a change in how Google Read more

Google CaffeineGoogle tweaks its search algorithm 600 times a year, in fact Google execs meet twice a week to discuss the search facility that so many careers and lives have come to depend on. The slightest change in Google search means a drastic change for SEO firms and the businesses that rely on them to optimise their sites for the web. Last week Google announced that it was finally implementing the long awaited ‘Caffeine’ concept, a completely new way of looking at ‘search’. Read more

Meta TagsThere is a general consensus amongst internet marketing specialists that meta-descriptions (the text snippets you see in search results) are not a factor that Google and Yahoo consider when ranking pages within their listings. Some people go as far as suggesting that optimizing meta-titles and descriptions is a waste of time. The reason behind this negativity is an apparent announcement sometime ago by both Google and Yahoo stating that they no longer use meta-descriptions in their search algorithms. However, pay close attention because the dynamics have since changed. Read more




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