Some naughty boy or girl has leaked a Google document that discloses the first half of 2010 AdWords advertising spend of Google’s customers. Oops, more bad news for Google, this certainly doesn’t do any favours for those involved and their collective search engine optimisation campaign. I wonder how much the culprit got paid for sneaking that little file out the door.

The document was first leaked to adage who have of course leaked into onto the internet and into my inbox via some other sources. Check out the graphs below.

I am pleased to be able to bring you this jaw dropping information that reveals Read more

Lately I have been praising Google for a number of new innovations including the recent Google Maps branded points-of-interest initiative which is currently in beta stage. But as an SEO optimisation consultant I must say today I am not a happy bunny.

Google has always shown a maximum of three ads above its unpaid organic search results, but it seems this is all set to change as they are currently experimenting with four, throwing in their own comparison ad into the mix. So, if you have just organically made it onto Google page 1, you may soon be dropping off to page 2 again. Read more

Search is an exiting industry to be involved in right now and web marketing solutions just seem to get broader everyday. For every announcement surrounding the Yahoo-Bing merger, Google come out with a new innovation to ensure they remain in the spotlight and stay at least 5 steps ahead of the pack.

Google’s latest offering comes courtesy of Google Maps and is something that was first tested back in March on the Australian version of Google Maps. “Sponsored map icons” are points-of-interest displayed on a Google Maps search branded with company logos.

For instance, Read more

Internet Marketing Services Rub Palms As ‘No Anonymity’ Policy is Prophesized

If you don’t want you private life shared on the internet then you clearly have something to hide, either that or you are doing something illegal that the government should know about. That is, according to Google CEO Eric Schmidt, who when speaking with Maria Bartiromo on CNBC recently, explained:

“People who have something to hide shouldn’t be doing things online that might potentially expose them if law enforcement seeks access to their search histories. If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it in the first place”. Read more

Today is an officially exciting day for SEO workers worldwide, because as of today organic Yahoo! search results are powered by Bing, signalling a landmark moment for search and meaning an interesting challenge could potentially be mounted on Google in months/years to come. Paid Yahoo ads are still powered by Yahoo but the entire organic search has Read more

Google have made a number of refinements to their search engine in recent months. The Caffeine and Mayday tweaks have altered the dynamics of search and caused a bit of a headache for search engine optimisation experts. A number of other aesthetic tweaks to the dashboard have taken place, including changes to the images section, dictionary listings and the colour of paid adverts. All of these things Read more

In 2009 Google made between 350-500 changes in its search algorithms. That is a hell of a lot of changes to keep up with and has certainly kept search engine optimization experts on their toes. These constant tweaks by Google are the reason implementing SEO on your own is a near impossible task; SEO strategy becomes a full time job. With all these changes flying around you can’t afford to get lazy and become fixated on specific page rankings, because as quick as you achieved them they can just as quickly disappear. Read more

The internet has once again proved to be the true liberator of choice. Users have rejected Google Wave and sent it back with the tide whence it came.  Two years in development for little return, surely someone must have been wrapped on the knuckles for this giant failure.

Google were majorly excited a little over a year ago when beat version invites were selling for $95 on eBay. At the time they were quoted as saying: Read more

Online Marketing FirmsAs of 14th September, 2010, online advertisers residing in Ireland, Canada and the UK will be permitted to bid on and advertise using trademarked keywords. The policy, already applied last year in the US, comes as a massive boost for online marketing firms in the given territories who have previously been somewhat restricted by Google trademark policy.

Google’s explanation of the policy change was stated as follows: Read more

When monthly figures get released and Google’s search share has dropped it always seems alarming at first. Every search engine specialist in the world scrambles to see the graphs and analyse the figures. Changes in search share can affect the way an internet advertising agency maps out its strategy. At first the month of June seemed like cause for concern. But don’t be fooled by statistics because they are often misleading, as we can see below.

According to figures for June, both Yahoo and Bing have increased their share.

Search Share Figures June 2010.

  • Google: 62.6% – down 1.1 points from 63.7% in May
  • Yahoo: 18.9% – up 0.6 points from 18.3%  in May
  • Bing: 12.7% – up 0.6 points from 12.1% in May
  • Ask: 3.6% – unchanged
  • AOL: 2.2% – down 0.1 points from 2.3% in May

However, have a look at the overall search volume and you will see a completely different picture Read more




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