“72% of People Only Conduct Search on Page 1”

Last month I conducted a survey amongst my friends, clients, Facebook followers and business associates, asking them how many pages they were prepared to drill down in Google to find a description or link that looked most relevant to what they were looking for. I surveyed 106 people, which is arguably a small pool to survey, but the results I feel are representative of the current search climate. The results were as follows:

  • Only page 1: 72%
  • No further than page 2: 19%
  • No further than page 3: 8%
  • Whatever it takes to find the best description: 1%

In truth I am surprised at the amount Read more

Google Instant PreviewsReports have been pouring into Google this week regarding their Google Instant Previews tool and how it is making a mess of analytics data. The problem happens when a searcher rolls his mouse over an instant preview. The image is revealed and the preview is logged as an actual visit on some analytics software. So if you wondered why your hits were up so drastically this month this debacle could well be the reason. Potentially this could be messing with your bounce rate and time on site stats, and may have left you baffled as to why particular trends have suddenly occurred.

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Google have announced an “instant previews” tool to reduce pogo-sticking and allow searchers to preview a site before they click through and experience the disappointment of not finding exactly what they want.

It really is a cool feature that will hopefully reduce bounce percentage rates making for easier analytics analysis. The feature also serves as quality control for both user and website owner, in that sites are likely to receive better quality visitors and searches better quality sites. If you don’t like the look of a site you don’t need to click back and forward you can just preview the site in the same Google window. When a user enables the search tool in Google it becomes possible to scroll down using the arrow key on the computer keyboard to obtain an overview of the content of each listed website.

This is so much more than a thumb nail preview option. Google presents a large image of the website and extracts relevant text to give an overview of the sites theme and content. Callouts are used to highlight text relevant to your search. There is also a feature called a ‘page-tear’ whereby extra bits of pages relevant to your search are torn off from the website and displayed within the preview.  The previews appear smoothly and extremely quickly by simply scrolling over each search listing.

Google Instant Previews

As a website owner you can opt out of allowing your pages to be previewed, but unless your website isn’t as good as your description then why would you want to. You can opt-out by using the nosnippets meta tag.

Go for a test run yourself by visiting the following link:

I had been waiting for Google to play a part in the run-up to the Christmas shopping period, and today that day came, but not quite in the way I expected. Running an internet advertising agency I was shocked to hear that rather than helping online businesses make more money this crimbo the help has been redirected towards high street stores. Shoppers will be able to view real-time high street store stock inventory online. The thinking behind this is based on the premise that people search more online than buy online. In fact, in the US, 95% of products are still Read more

When monthly figures get released and Google’s search share has dropped it always seems alarming at first. Every search engine specialist in the world scrambles to see the graphs and analyse the figures. Changes in search share can affect the way an internet advertising agency maps out its strategy. At first the month of June seemed like cause for concern. But don’t be fooled by statistics because they are often misleading, as we can see below.

According to figures for June 2010, both Yahoo and Bing have Read more

Internet Marketing StreategyYou may have noticed that Google show special logos for notable birthdays of the rich and famous. Well, the search giant has announced that if you add your birthday to your Google profile they will show a special logo for your birthday as well. How nice. But what does this have to do with search or internet marketing strategy…as always I will tell you. Read more

You trust Google to power your search engine results and respond to your website search engine optimisation, but do you trust them to automatically drive your car? What? Yes, that’s right, you heard it here first, Google is experimenting with technology that enables cars to drive themselves.

Google are on a mission – although I hardly think it is as ethically driven as they claim Read more

When choosing an online marketing service there are a number of user behaviours you need to consider. Traffic and user volume are clearly the key two considerations, but one sorely overlooked aspect of advertising is the amount of time a user spends on a particular platform.

It is natural to gravitate towards advertising on the most popular mediums, Google remaining the most obvious choice. But surely the best places to advertise are the places in which users spend the most time. Think about it like this, the longer or more regularly a user visits a platform the more time they will have to view an advertisement and consider following the link.

With this in mind, Citi analyst Mark Mahaney compiled some very interesting data for August 2010, showing that Facebook has passed Google in terms of time spent online. Mahaney observed:

“Looking at % of Total Time Spent by the top 5 sites in August, Facebook, for the first time took the top spot with 41.1B minutes followed by Google with 39.8B minutes. Yahoo! fell to the 3rd spot with 37.7B minutes. Also, Yahoo!’s share of time spent in Q3 QTD slid to an all-time low of 9.3%. On a separate note, Google’s management noted that its number of global users crossed the 1B mark for the first time”.

Facebook is becoming an increasingly attractive online marketing service – not just a mere community network. Just look at the accompanying visitor statistics below (Source: Hitwise) Read more

Have you ever wondered whether far away in “Google Land” there is a nerdy looking computer expert tracking your every move around the internet? Scary thought, but one that became a reality last week.

David Barksdale, site reliability engineer at Google has been given the boot after abusing his position by tapping into the voice phone logs, contact lists and chat transcripts of minors, he even went as far as unblocking himself after a teen account owner blocked him out. On one occasion he flaunted the name and address of a 15-year-old’s girlfriend after the teen refused to disclose her name.

David Barksdale – now ex- Google Site Reliability Engineer Read more

Google Instant SearchA few of my clients have been a little concerned about the recent launch of Google Instant and how it might affect their SEO progress and search rankings. In fact I have been reading a lot of conflicting information on Google Instant and SEO over the last few weeks so I did some investigating to set the record straight for you.

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