Magento 2 Module List

A Comprehensive Guide to Displaying Your Magento 2 Module List

Access a comprehensive list of modules installed in your Magento 2 store with ease! Use the
below commands to uncover an up-to-date module inventory and take control over what’s
powering your online shop.
Struggling with pesky or conflicting modules on your site? If you are looking to repurpose and
optimize the performance of your platform, uninstalling outdated extensions is an effective
way to tidy up. Our guide will provide you a step-by-step breakdown for sorting through
installed extensions so that any unnecessary apps can be safely eliminated – no more hassles!

A Step-by-Step Guide to Displaying the Magento 2 Module List

Unlock the power of your Magento 2 by discovering every module and extension you have
installed. Follow these easy steps to find a comprehensive list!
1. Log into your Magento 2 installation root folder via SSH or Putty.
2. Run the command bin/Magento module : status to get a list of all the modules and
their current status.
3. Run the command bin/Magento module : status –type=Magento to get a full list of
enabled or disabled Magento extensions.

How To Use the Magento 2 Module List to Enable and Disable Modules Quickly & Easily

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You can activate a module and unlock its features with a simple command!
Php bin/Magento module: enable Mitash_Deleteaccount
Easily disable modules with one simple command!
Php bin/Magento module: disable Mitash_Deleteaccount
To remove a module, execute the command below for successful de-installation.
Php bin/Magento module:uninstall Mitash_Deleteaccount

Keep your Magento 2 store running smoothly by checking out our extensive module list –
and make sure to remove any unnecessary extensions!

Keep Your Database Up-to-Date and Secure

To ensure data accuracy, use the next command to activate and update your database when
one or more modules have been enabled and the command is magento setup:upgrade.

With this method, executing the steps is made as straightforward as possible. If any
confusion arises or assistance is needed during implementation, feel free to post a comment
and I will respond promptly with an answer!




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