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It’s true that first impressions are generally last impressions, and designs influence buying decisions. However, graphic designs are not just about placing pictures and colors. Rather graphic design forms a crucial element of your organization’s brand building and business strategy. Irrespective of whether you are a small, mid-sized or large company; graphic design visually articulates the raison d’ être of your business. Through varied sources viz. your company stationery, logo, newsletters, brochures, presentations, product packaging, website and others.

Mitash is an expert at both the aesthetic as well as the technical nuances of a graphic design solution, and works to maximize the communication objective of your brand be it for an existing brand or for a new company. Our solutions encompass graphic designs for print and varied new media. Our highly skilled team of talented graphic designers is focused on translating your business objectives into visuals that work.

Mitash graphic design solutions

Corporate Branding Solutions

In today’s world image is everything, you are what you project yourself to be. Hence it would be prudent to invest in a corporate branding solution that maximizes the credibility of your products and services. Mitash creates corporate branding solutions that deliver visible results for you and your customers. From brand consultancy and creation, to style guides and graphic design, Mitash solutions include designing logos, stationery including business cards, marketing collaterals, product packaging, websites, business presentations and more.

Logo Designing

The logo of your company is as good as a sacrosanct symbol for you, and you wouldn’t trust just anyone with designing it. After all, the logo of your company represents your corporate image. Mitash is an expert at logo designs that are professional and deliver a positive impact on your target customers. Our logos are designed to boost your company’s credibility and advance you brand identity.

Print Collaterals

You print collateral must reflect your corporate identity and professional expertise. From concept to creation, to printing; Mitash designs and prints print collaterals like logos, business cards, brochures, leaflets, letterheads, advertisements and more. Whatever the size, format or media, we can handle all your collateral design and print requirements.

Packaging & Labels

Owning a good product is not enough in today’s competitive environment, it’s visual appeal i.e. the packaging needs to be great. Professional and appealing product packaging and labeling are important factors that influence a purchase decision. Mitash packaging and label designs are created with visual appeal in mind, and also establish the product’s.





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