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Customised e-Commerce & Digital Marketing Strategy that works in tandem with your business goals.

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Our Customised SEO Strategies Guarantee Top Website Search Engine Rankings

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Get your business mobile ready! Mitash can help you with you mobile websites to complex iPhone or Android applications.

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We Create User and Search Engine Friendly Websites that Generate Leads and Sales. Helping your business stand out from the crowd.

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Our PPC Solutions Combine Effective Keywords and High Search Engine Rankings to deliver Sales and Profitability & Gain Market Share

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Why Mitash Search Engine Optimisation Solutions?

With the Mitash SEO solution, your website’s visibility can be optimised in search engines for keywords relevant to your business, by improving the content, navigation and link popularity. Our SEO and PPC solutions give your website the desired visibility with your target audience by ensuring that it features prominently on search engine rankings. This in effect, will considerably lower your client acquisition costs while at the same time increasing your brand awareness.

Attract qualified web traffic

Unlike traditional media where reaching out to your target audience can be a hit-or-miss situation, visitors online are actively searching for information on a product or service – providing you with the opportunity to capitalize on a prospective sale. With SEO services from Mitash, you can be assured that your website gets free clicks from visitors who are actively searching for your product or service.

Increase ROI 24x7x365

Since 85% of Internet users rely on search engines to help them find what they need, organic search engine listings are a cost-effective means of generating sales leads, customer acquisitions and increased web traffic – delivering greater return on investment (ROI) non-stop, all year-round.

Campaign Reporting

Mitash delivers responsible and committed Search Engine Marketing and Optimisation solutions that are aimed at maximizing the return on investment for our clients. As part of our SEO process, we ensure that you are aware of the status of your search results by providing regular campaign reporting updates.

Domain SEO Expertise

The combination of our key alliances with local and global search engines, and the domain expertise of our SEO experts’ extensive research into search engine ranking criteria and algorithms are guaranteed to gain you the competitive edge in maximising your search engine rankings.

Why you need to Make Your Decision Now!

If you want to advance your business prospects online, you can’t let potential search traffic go to your competitors, can you? There’s a possibility that online search traffic may end up buying from your competitors, if your website’s visibility is not search engine optimised to attract the keywords relevant to your product or services that they are querying.

It’s time to attract qualified SEO traffic. Call Mitash now on 1300 648 274 to maximise your company’s SEO potential.

FAQ’s about Search Engine Optimistion - SEO

How will SEO benefit my business?

By incorporating good SEO best practices in your website and increasing its visibility with search engines and attracting targeted traffic to it, you can dramatically increase the profitability of your business. Irrespective of whether you are a business using the website as a secondary marketing medium, or an online marketer who relies wholly on web portals to sell products and services, a search engine optimised website will benefit you with long-term benefits.

Why should I use the services of a SEO company?

SEO services are built on intellectual capital and proprietary industry knowledge. With the evolution of the Internet as an online sales channel, SEO company offerings have transformed into a service that leverages several years of online expertise and experience. You can benefit from the SEO company’s domain knowledge, by using its services with the need to invest in it yourself
How long does it take for my website to be listed in Google’s natural ‘organic’ listings?

Getting listed on Google is quite easy, but attaining good organic positioning is the tough part. It could take anywhere between one month to up to several years to achieve a favourable positioning in Google.

How soon can my website’s rankings be improved?

This is based on several factors like the competitiveness of your industry and keyword choice; whether your website is new or considered an authority in its area; the amount of content that is already on your website, and whether previous search engine optimization has been carried out on the site.

Can Mitash provide an SEO edge over other companies in the market?

A trusted name in search engine optimisation solutions, Mitash delivers customised SEO solutions in sync with client requirements. With over 10 years of experience, we have evolved with industry advances and employ the latest SEO techniques that enable our clients to gain visibly improved search engine rankings and website visibility.

Can search engine rankings be guaranteed?

Yes, with Mitash your search engine rankings are guaranteed to undergo a drastic improvement. Our SEO specialists keep themselves updated with the latest algorithms used by search engines, evident in the high ranking results on popular search engines for our clients.