gmailThe idea of an email marketing campaign is to grab the reader’s attention through a compelling headline and keep pounding them with relevant information and tantalizing offers until they cave in and buy into your product or service. In a nutshell you need to make your emails unavoidable and irresistible.

Emails always drop in order of delivery, so if you send enough marketing emails to a person you can guarantee a top spot or two in your target’s inbox at one stage or another during the campaign, yet what if there was a force working against you that not only made sure you never made the top spot, but made sure all your targeted emails were way down on the list?

gmail emailEnter Google Priority Inbox. This intelligent little monster uses algorithmic techniques to automatically capture and organize “important” emails and de-emphasize other email. It is not a spam filter, but an automated organization tool that could very well upset your web site promotion internet marketing strategy. Google had this to say about its new baby:

Gmail’s servers look at several types of information to identify the email that’s important to you, including who you email and chat with most, how often you email with these people, and which keywords appear frequently in the emails you read.

If Priority Inbox makes a mistake, you can use the clip_image002 clip_image004 buttons to correctly mark a conversation as important or not important, and Priority Inbox will quickly learn what you care about most.

So, you can see just how targeted web site promotion internet marketing emails will get pushed to the bottom of the pile as the priority system relegates promotional emails. Rather than simply reading emails in order as most people tend to do, the unimportant stuff will get pushed into the “everything else” category and may never get read.

See for yourself here:!

web promotionWebsite owners often only concern themselves with analysing the last click, i.e. the conversion. In an excited state they want to know the ad clicked, the keyword responsible and from where the user was referred. But this is actually a bad place to start. The likelihood is that the person who made the purchase had been to your site a few times beforehand, perhaps they stalled on the sale checking out the competition, or perhaps they forgot completely and were prompted by a second advertisement to come back again. It is rare that a person buys straight away, and for that reason the picture is usually bigger than it first looks. Read more

It really is about time. Yahoo Answers always had the potential to be very useful as a web site promotion service if the internal search facility was more efficient. Yahoo Answers is the most popular Q&A on the web and it certainly is very useful if you want an answer. But if you are looking to search out topics and create some decent back-links for your web marketing strategy it has always been long-winded.

Well the good news is that some major changes have been made. You can now conduct search by relevance and time. This enables the user to keep a date log of Q&A previously searched. There is also an option to search by number of answers. These options were available previously when browsing categories but not when searching the search results pages.


On the left sided menu there are several new search options. There are also additional filtering options for ‘number of answers’ and ‘date submitted’ menu dropdowns. See the diagram below:


You can even save your searches and have a daily email delivered with new questions that match your search (see the diagram below). This is great for monitoring topics surround your business and keeping your finder on the button to answer them immediately. You can also monitor particular keywords. For more information on these changes you can read the Yahoo Answers blog post . This will serve as a neat web site promotion service for marketers and business owners alike, and of course for what the facility is meant to be; a general knowledge resource base.


Yahoo Answers is no longer an effort to maintain as part of your web site promotion strategy. Now the facility is set up to contact you when you should be responding, rather than spending hours trawling through endless posts to little avail.




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