Without knowing it, your landing page could be lowering your quality score on Google Adwords. Knowing exactly how to increase your quality score is impossible because Google won’t tell you exactly what is wrong with your ad(s), keyword(s) or landing page. However, there are a number of quality guidelines you can follow to ensure you aren’t hindering your own progress by breaking some of the cardinal rules. Remember, once you have implemented this checklist it will take a while for the Google Adwords bot to crawl your page and re-evaluate your score; so be a little patient.

  1. Check the speed of your page using
  2. Check for site validation issues using
  3. Check your site for hidden error pages
  4. Make sure your page has a keyword density of at least 2%
  5. Make sure you optimise headers (H1/H2/H3) with your keywords Read more

An SEM campaign isn’t something any Tom, Dick or Harry can undertake – like any marketing endeavour it takes experience and some natural flair for creativity. There are many angles to SEM these days you need to hire an SEM company with a comprehensive understanding of all disciplines, not just how to bid on keywords and set up a PPC campaign. SEM requires an expert to get inside the mind of the consumer and try innovative methods of attracting consumers through creative copy and alternative channels.  Read more

SEM SpecialistLately we have been focussing on a myriad of topics pertaining to SEO. These have included, how to choose an SEO company, how to utilise Facebook and Twitter and SEO mistakes to avoid. So today I thought I should say a few words for those wanting to be on the other side of the fence, those wanting to start a search engine optimisation firm of their own.

Becoming a search engine marketing specialist is no mean feat, there is an ocean of knowledge to attain and the learning curve is endless. But for the purpose of this post let’s just presume you have the credentials in the bag already Read more

google-remarketingHave you ever wondered why, sometimes when you browse a product on a website, the very site you abandoned suddenly starts targeting you with adverts via YouTube, Facebook and other platforms you visit?

This is called “remarketing” and, if you own an online business, could be the answer to reducing cart abandonment and infiltrating the minds of potential customers.

How Does Google Remarketing Work?

Google Display Network’s “remarketing” program lets you create ad campaigns based on Read more

We all live in fear of getting that dreaded Google notification that claims we have violated the Google Adwords TOS and our account has been suspended, indefinitely. Getting reinstated isn’t easy and is a huge inconvenience, potentially losing you massive revenue. To avoid the dreaded notification you need to be vigilant in not breaking the rules and avoid common AdWords crimes.

Crime 1: Too Many Ads

If your site is loaded with ads leading to merchant sites then you are walking the line. The way Google sees it is as Read more

By the end of this month the Google social search mechanism will be completely rolled out. For those of you that don’t know what this is, let me give you the heads up. It has actually been in test phase for quite some time – the last quarter of 2009 I believe.  Now, by social search I don’t mean real time results  from random people on Twitter, I mean social search as in connecting you to content created by people in your social circle.

What is Your Social Circle?

Your social circle is people you are connected to through Googlemail, Twitter, people you follow in Google reader, Flickr and other social mediums. Google will now display blog posts, profiles, images and other content from members of your social circle when you conduct a search. Be aware though that you may be shown friends of your Twitter friends or slightly random people you wouldn’t expect to pop up – but this is intentional and will also be related to you in some way. The idea is to broaden your social circle and discover other people with stuff to share that you will genuinely be interested in.

To give you an example of how it works; if you were my friend and connected via twitter, gmail, etc. and you typed in ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, you might see the following:

Google Social Results

Why Are Google Introducing Social Search?

Well, believe or not we like to follow each other, I don’t mean on Facebook I mean in reading, buying and browsing trends. For example, if I was buying a new mp3 player I would more than likely want to know what the people in my social circle thought about mp3 players and what brand of player people had been purchasing. One of my social circle may have written a “best mp3 players” blog post, and another may have recently purchased and reviewed an mp3 player on Amazon. This would surely help me to buy with more confidence, and with affiliate marketing and fake reviews making it all but impossible to source honest information, this is great news in terms of reliability.  In a roundabout way Google social search is putting control back in the hands of the browser, allowing us to trust content again and operate within search boundaries. Or is it? I mean you can hardly trust friends of friends on Twitter or someone you liked on Flikr. I guess what this really means is, we now need to be extra careful who we ‘socially’ connect with.

Video SEOVideo is a lethal SEO weapon and some e-retailers are securing top Google spots through highly optimised video content, but how are they doing it? Housing video on your site or linking back to your site from a video content site can earn you valuable traffic if optimised correctly. Unfortunately most video content is poorly optimised and missing simple basic SEO strategy.

Follow my 6-point video content optimisation check list and don’t waste the opportunity for higher levels of traffic.

Video SEO Checklist:

  1. Make Sure You Use a Supported Format
    Google sitemaps accepts .mpg, .mpeg, .mp4, .m4v, .mov, .wmv, .avi, .asf, .ra, .ram and .flv files. Don’t be silly enough to Read more

Just when you had got your head around the terms SEO, SEM and PPC, those nerds inside the digital superhighway (whoever they are) have come up with two new acronyms for us all to get our heads around. SMM and SMO are the two new kids on the block, and with the importance of Twitter, Facebook, LinkdIn, Hi5 and other social networking platforms rising everyday, we need to be aware of what they mean. Read more

The hype surrounding the Yahoo-Bing search merger has calmed down considerably, replaced by all the fuss over Google Instant. Honestly, the same questions keep being written about and Twittered, hourly!

  • How will Google Instant affect SEO?
  • Is SEO Dead?
  • Is Paid Advertising finished?
  • Will Google Instant cook my dinner…?

Yes, it has all got rather silly. So it’s nice to have something else to talk about that enhances the internet user experience and Read more

Pay Per Click AdvertisingWaiting on organic seo services to produce results can be tedious. Some results materialise quickly whilst others will have you disappointedly checking your rankings on a daily basis. It all depends on your choice of keywords really. For example I put up a website a couple of months ago and already I rank 5th in Google for my main keyword. Thing is, the market I am operating in is niche, so it wasn’t too difficult to rank, but it is difficult to convert the relatively small amount of traffic into sales – six of one half a dozen of the other. Read more




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