Without knowing it, your landing page could be lowering your quality score on Google Adwords. Knowing exactly how to increase your quality score is impossible because Google won’t tell you exactly what is wrong with your ad(s), keyword(s) or landing page. However, there are a number of quality guidelines you can follow to ensure you aren’t hindering your own progress by breaking some of the cardinal rules. Remember, once you have implemented this checklist it will take a while for the Google Adwords bot to crawl your page and re-evaluate your score; so be a little patient.

  1. Check the speed of your page using
  2. Check for site validation issues using
  3. Check your site for hidden error pages
  4. Make sure your page has a keyword density of at least 2%
  5. Make sure you optimise headers (H1/H2/H3) with your keywords Read more

Google Cache Text
When you first visit a professional SEO consultant they will begin by analysing your website and getting a feel for just how search engine friendly the pages are. Many experts will spot problem areas at a glance, but some things take a deeper analysis to diagnose. One simple check that all specialists carry out is a diagnostic page analysis to see how Google views your home page and other pages of your site. Successful website marketing relies on how Google interprets your website and in turn this directly affects your rankings. This is a test that you can carry out yourself by taking a look into Google’s ‘text cache’. Read more

google-remarketingHave you ever wondered why, sometimes when you browse a product on a website, the very site you abandoned suddenly starts targeting you with adverts via YouTube, Facebook and other platforms you visit?

This is called “remarketing” and, if you own an online business, could be the answer to reducing cart abandonment and infiltrating the minds of potential customers.

How Does Google Remarketing Work?

Google Display Network’s “remarketing” program lets you create ad campaigns based on Read more

We all live in fear of getting that dreaded Google notification that claims we have violated the Google Adwords TOS and our account has been suspended, indefinitely. Getting reinstated isn’t easy and is a huge inconvenience, potentially losing you massive revenue. To avoid the dreaded notification you need to be vigilant in not breaking the rules and avoid common AdWords crimes.

Crime 1: Too Many Ads

If your site is loaded with ads leading to merchant sites then you are walking the line. The way Google sees it is as Read more

Some naughty boy or girl has leaked a Google document that discloses the first half of 2010 AdWords advertising spend of Google’s customers. Oops, more bad news for Google, this certainly doesn’t do any favours for those involved and their collective search engine optimisation campaign. I wonder how much the culprit got paid for sneaking that little file out the door.

The document was first leaked to adage who have of course leaked into onto the internet and into my inbox via some other sources. Check out the graphs below.

I am pleased to be able to bring you this jaw dropping information that reveals Read more

Lately I have been praising Google for a number of new innovations including the recent Google Maps branded points-of-interest initiative which is currently in beta stage. But as an SEO optimisation consultant I must say today I am not a happy bunny.

Google has always shown a maximum of three ads above its unpaid organic search results, but it seems this is all set to change as they are currently experimenting with four, throwing in their own comparison ad into the mix. So, if you have just organically made it onto Google page 1, you may soon be dropping off to page 2 again. Read more

Opt For Sustainability Over a Big Budget

SEO and SEM are often confused, and although usually considered synonymous, most experts have slightly differing opinions on what the two terms actually mean. For the purpose of this article, SEO shall mean natural search engine optimisation often referred to as organic SEO, and SEM shall refer to Pay-Per-Click advertising, paid banner advertising and paid linking. Read more




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