Project Manager

Project Manager

You will be responsible for everything related to the project you will manage. You will also handle all teams working on project you manage. Since projects involve clients, you will constantly interact with clients.

Role and Responsibilities

  • While managing your project, make sure you get results and keep track of deadlines/release schedule and client needs.
  • You should love working in teams. Ensure your team is on the same page as you are, as well as respecting our flat hierarchy (round-table) structure.
  • Majority of our clients are B2B. That means they have their own users and you should be able to stand up for client’s users and help them make good decisions.
  • Understand and explain client perspective as part of culture in your team.
  • You will be responsible for managing different teams. These include developer-team, support-team, quality-assurance team, documentation team and the marketing team.
  • You will need to break down project requirements into deliverable milestones / tasks and subtasks for entire team.
  • Creating timely updates on status of project, performance reports and communicate with clients.
  • Mitash Digital is a small company and our managers are expected to be hands-on managers. You should be ready to do certain tasks like working on creating and getting permissions for case study of your project, replying to support requests, looking after documentation if need arises.

Minimum Criteria

  • Many of our projects heavily involve WordPress/WooCommerce/Magento. So you must know WordPress/WooCommerce/Magento at least from a user’s perspective. If you have developed on WordPress/WooCommerce/Magento, that will be a big plus!
  • You must have managed a product or a complex project before. If it’s a WordPress/WooCommerce/Magento-based, then that will be considered as a plus.
  • You must be familiar with project management tools. If you have used activeCollab or Github, it will be considered as plus.
  • You must be familiar with git or concept of version control.
  • You must be familiar with testing, quality assurance, deployment and build systems.
  • You must be familiar with documentation and support system. Customer support is #1 priority.
  • You must be familiar basic HTML/CSS, mobile websites and modern web-development jargon.


Create a Google Doc and write-up answers to questions mentioned in the assignment. We will use collaboration features of Google Docs for Q&A (make sure to give us “Edit” access).

Then share the Google Doc link with us using the Application form.

Based on your assignment we will call you for a second round of interviews.




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