Project Manager – Assignment

Project Manager – Assignment

Create a Google Doc and write-up answers to the following questions. We will use collaboration features of Google Docs for Q&A.

  • How did you use WordPress/WooCommerce/Magento before?
  • What product/project have you managed before and how?
  • We have many B2B projects. Our clients often have many users/customers. Should you stand up our client’s users/customers? If yes, explain why?
  • How would you manage different teams? e.g. developer-team, support-team, quality-assurance team, documentation team, marketing-team
  • List down 5 DO’s and DONT’s for the team – we want to know if you understand roles and responsibilities of different type of teams.
  • How is a client project different from a product? What are pros or cons?
  • How important are meetings? What should be the frequency of meetings?
  • If a client is not able to meet their budget, what are the strategies you might recommend to give the client the best value within their budget.
  • Do you think it’s a manager’s responsibility to motivate teams? If yes, how do you plan to motivate people?

Assignment Submission

Assignment must be submitted using Google Docs only. No PPT. No Microsoft Word. No other tool.

Even if you have used it Google Doc before, please make sure you don’t forget to turn “Link Sharing on” with “Edit” privilege. If you are not sure about what we are asking, please check above link for help.

Any assignment submitted with incorrect Google Doc permission will be rejected immediately.

You will be evaluated on your experience, methods you bring to the table, understanding of teamwork, management knowledge and human values.

Based on quality of assignment, you will be called for further rounds of selection process.

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