barebones cmsAs a search engine optimisation company we are always looking at CMS developments to see what potential they have for enhancing the SEO potential of our clients’ websites. If you have already had a look at Joomla, Drupal and WordPress and are still thinking none of these platforms really suit your business model, then you may want to consider Barebones CMS. Recently released by Cubiclesoft, Barebones CMS does exactly what it says on the tin, it gives you the bare bones of what you need to get a website up and running, but also the barebones of a website enabling you to build exactly to the specification you need.

From a search engine optimisation company point of view this is an exciting prospect as the program allows for maximum SEO manipulation from the outset rather than having to feed in and add SEO through default features.

Barebones was conceptualised out of the need for a simple software solution to create static websites. This open source system offers developers a blank slate from which to start. Developers don’t have to leave the browser to develop a website, neither do programmers when writing PHP code, nor designers when building or editing HTML and CSS layouts. Content editors also benefit from the live editing feature.

barebones login screen

Barebones CMS is a cool solution for those who find other CMS too heavy and simply don’t need all the gimmicks, also for any search engine optimisation company looking to try a new platform still highly unutilised by the masses. Whilst Barebones can be simple for the novice, one can configure Barebones to a very complex standard in order to suit the requirements of your business model. Barebones will come as a breath of fresh air for those who hate fiddling around with the blogging style template of WordPress for example.

Other features on the Barebones platform include:

  1. Built-in SEO
  2. Multilingual support system
  3. Plugin support
  4. Three login privilege groups: developer, designer and content editor

For programmers and who want to develop administrative interfaces there is an admin pack available. There are also additional shortcode components in the form of Flash Object and Code/Syntax Highlighter.

Barebones is free to download, but be nice and make a financial contribution to cover development costs and professional support for the product.




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